Sound fundamentals

Check if net income really is net income. Some agents include outgoings in the income to make the yield seem higher.

THere's no great impacts from having a food business as a tenant that can't be rectified. Check local council for grease trap regulations and whether one is installed or may soon need to be installed as they can be costly.
There's also some big retail development north side of Maitland around Rutherford which is impacting on the main central part of Maitland and emptying some shops in their main st, might have an impact on East Maitland too if it attracts enough people.
Just a thought.
The last few years has seen East Maitland being one of the fastest growing postcodes in the whole state.

Lots of new developments. I had clients making good money speculating on blocks with $1000 down and onselling before settlement making a quick $40K profit on minimal outlay during the last boom.