sound proofing floors in a unit?

Hi All

I am looking to have tiles in my kitchen floor in my 1st IP.

Currently the base is floorboards & I understand that its best to lay fibre cement sheeting or sand cement screed to the floorboards prior to tiling with flexible adhesive.

I have conceded to fibre cement (FC) sheeting due to the lower height difference between tiles & carpet in hallway, approx 20mm as opposed to 30-40mm with sand cement.

I have heard of instances where people have had to get their flooring ripped out & redone as they have not complied with strata by laws by installing a sound proofing layer. :eek:

I have spoken to my strata manager & he concluded that 'this conversation never happened' as although he is aware works have been done to other units, he has no register of this.n:D

My question is - do people usually bother in units (especially tiling of kitchen only) put an addtional layer for sound proofing?

If so, is this via a rubber matt? or via a rubber adhesive?

I would have thought the FC sheeting can provide some sound proofing?

Im almost at the end of this journey - taking longer than i planned :D
but have learnt enormously during the process!!

so any advice is much appreciated!

Unless they've changed the standard by-laws, kitchens are exempt from requiring sound proofing:

Bylaw 14:
(1) An owner of a lot must ensure that all floor space within the lot is covered or otherwise treated to an extent sufficient to prevent the transmission from the floor space of noise likely to disturb the peaceful enjoyment of the owner or occupier of another lot.
(2) This by-law does not apply to floor space comprising a kitchen, laundry, lavatory or bathroom.