Sourcing new property - Marsden Area - for great tenants

Hi everyone, thought I'd post in here to see if anyone has a property ready to go within the next month for a good tenant I can't accommodate.

When everyone is talking of vacancies - I have the other problem...I found some great tenants, but not enough houses.

So, if someone sees this posts and happens (long shot I know) to have a property in the Marsden area PM me.

I've rung around with the Builders I know in the area but guess it's hard for them to forward my details...just hate letting go of good applicants - like to have good landlords and good tenants!!

The house I had for rent only had Practical Completion last week - and on the high side of the average for like properties in this area.

If I could just move two houses from the northside and plonk it down in this area, I would be a happy girl!
I don't know of any properties but can understand your issue. Those areas of Marsden, Crestmead, Browns Plains, seem to have had a huge influx of Kiwi's recently which is keeping the rental availability low.
Thanks for the help....have directly contacted another agency with a similar property.....can let go of these tenants for the time being....the other property manager was suss about my intentions until I told her I didn't want anything more than to find another property for these tenants.

I hate letting go of good tenants...but I always know that they will come back and do business with me down the track.
I wish my PM had your attitude Lura.
We have a number of IP's but we are renting ourselves at the moment while looking for "our" place..
The PM that we are dealing with is unbelievable. Treats tenants like dirt. Is extremely condesending. She seems to have the idea that, if you rent you are scum that can't afford to buy.
It is soooo difficult to get anything done. We were expected to move into the property & pay rent even though it had broken windows, 85% of the keys missing, multiple lights not working, broken fittings in the shower cubicle. Heating / AC not working.
We've been in for 3mths now & just today they have replaced the broken strip heater in the bathroom that was supposed to be replaced before we moved in.

The previous tenants come by occasionally to collect mail. They were at this address for 4yrs. Then this new PM took over. The tenants started having trouble & left.

There is NO WAY I'd ever get that company to manage any of my properties. I wouldn't want any of my tenants treated the way we have been treated.