South Australian Council Maps

Hey Guys,

Stumbled across this site today which looks to be in Beta Version. Not sure how new it is or if people have seen this already but I it found interesting with the ability to see all the lots in the area, development zones etc. Hopefully more is added later as could be handy for those looking at developing.


"Welcome to the SA Council Maps Local Government Portal

Providing the community with access to an online mapping system containing information with a Local Government context including waste collection, land development zoning and the nearest libraries, parks & playgrounds.

This is a beta/trial website funded by the Local Government of South Australia Research and Development Scheme. Data has been obtained from numerous agencies including the 38 South Australian Councils listed below that are participating in this initiative."
Looks similar to (but more simplified than) the system the council planner was using when I visited them about 6 months ago. Great to see that the public can now access some of the same data!
Great link although I did find it a little hard to use and nowhere near as powerful as RP Data.

I wouldn't be so confident that the zonings etc were up to date however, It looks like it tells you the general zoning (i.e. Resi or Light Industry etc) but you'd still be better off checking out the exact zoning in the Development Plan or calling the Council direct.

Thanks for the link though!
We would much rather use RPData as well but just thought it would be an interesting link to keep track of as they add more features being free always helps! :D