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From: Geoff Whitfield


I've just spent Saturday on Peter Spann's "graduate reunion" day at Sydney. For me, great value. As a "graduate", it cost me $98 for one day of some great presenters. (It costs $198 if you've done a little bit of the course, or $298 if you've done none).

This is not a sell- just some reactions from someone who got value, for people who might be interested in such things. But all presenters did have something to sell- they had written their own books, which, of course, they plugged.

First presenter was John McGrath- a very successful Real estate person in Sydney. I had seen articles about him before- to do with selling most of the most expensive real estate in Sydney.

In his (unbiased?!) view, Sydney was on a very sustainable uptrend. Median prices had not gone through the roof like 10 years before- but had grown steadily. His view was that overseas (expat + other) interest had sustained Sydney above other places- and that Sydney, as an "international" city (unlike Melbourne, Brisbane etc) was cheap compared with London, NY etc- and not "expensive" as compared with other Australia. A great story of someone who completely flunked out of HSC and succeeded.

Next was Louise Bedford- author of several books on trading stocks ("Trading Secrets" etc). Her specialty is candlestick charting. Beyond me just yet- but it looks like a useful tool, and I'm motivated to go further along that path. Particularly because my super has gained zilch in the last 12 months, and I have not yet done anything with my self managed super fund.

Next speaker was Wayne Berry on negotiation. He's been giving seminars on the subject for many years, and I learnt a lot. The play exercise was buying/selling a property- very interesting for me, and very revealing. There's been a few recent posts on negotiating prices. He gave a lot good examples on how to negotiate, and some of the ploys. He's written books, and does courses. He does have a book (please, I'm not plugging- just giving a reaction to a "plugger")- "How To Get The Best Deal Every Time"- which does, at first glance, seem to cover some of the things he presented.

The last presenter was Natalie Cook- Gold Medal, Sydney 2000, Beach Volleyball.

Perhaps 10% of the people had left by then. (it was a 12+ hour presentation). That was a pity. Before then, people had presented facts. Natalie Cook presented an attitude, and a mindset. If I had missed out on that, I would have walked out thinking, "Hey that's good. I'll have to do something sometime". After hearing her, I walked out thinking, "Hey that's good. I'll have to do something NOW". And I have. Things that have been left undone for 18 months. I've started to do.

There is another presentation in Brisbane next Saturday. For Spann graduates, I'd recommend it- at $98, it was GREAT value. For others- well, even $298 for 12 hours is a lot better than any one day+ seminar.

I understand there's going to be video available- at about a similar cost (probably depending on how much you've already spent on Spann courses).

I'm not selling. But I am interested in hearing from other people who went, and to find out their reactions.

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From: Dale Gatherum-Goss

Hi Geoff!

One of my clients also went to a refresher day in Melbourne and they're report was equally as effusive.

Thanks for providing good, positive feedback.

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