splitting a house into 2 units. how to go about it?

Hi there all :confused:

I have an investment property in Brisbane, its a big house with 4 bedrooms,
study, 2 livings big kitchen, 2 car park etc and i want to divide the house
into 2 units to rent them out. I have enough space to split the house inside
to accommodate the 2 units 3 bed, 2 baths 1 car park each, without changing
the layout too much. Ill have to create a new kitchen, add 1 bathroom where
the laundry was for one of the units and another bathroom where the walk
inrobe was for the other unit.
but now i have the following questions.
Do i need council approval for the drainage and plumbing or for anything
How do i go about the plumbing for each unit, do i need to split the system?
so one sewerage each or can i have both units using the already existing
sewerage and water system?
How i go about the hot water system do i need to install a new one for the
one that will not have?
Do i need a separate electrical system and switch board for each unit?
At the moment the house as it is is water efficient so the tenants pay the
water, so if i split the house in 2 units can i still have water efficient
do i need anything else for each unit?
I dont want to split the land into 2 i just want to have 2 units in the same
piece of land , so in future if i want to sell it (that i dont think so) ill
have to sell the 2 units together in 1 title. i already check and the
property is located in a lot where i can have a duplex.
I would really appreciate is anyone can give me a hand understanding how to
go about these issue,s that would be greatly appreciated.
thank you very much for your help.
First place to start is with the local council. A lot will depend on the zoning of the land as to whether two dwellings are permitted. If so, they can advise of requirements.

At the very least, you will probably require a fireproof wall between sections.
Could be in issue if it is in BCC. You would most likely need a material change of use regardless of where it is. If you pm me the address I will respond through here minus identifying info