Splitting the 'property investor forum' into two



From: Douglas K

Hello All

I enjoy greatly the posts offered by those active members. I am an avid reader of this forum and from time to time toss in my two cents worth.

I am a speculator and accumulator as opposed to a flipper.

I ponder this question aloud, not to cause offence but to create discussion. Are there other like minded investors whom would be happy to limit their posts to one or other of these investment strategies? therefore focusing or appropriate areas of interest.



as my grandpa used to say "speculate and accumulate, but only buy where you wanna die"
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From: Michael G


Did you use the word "limit" in your last post?

Maybe we should limit the amount of chat in the chatroom too!, only allow investment related discussion in there too! haha (I'd like to see the fur fly with that rule :p)

Ok, maybe I'm taking it to extreme, but I'm just trying to make a point. That is, once you start putting controls on what people say, they become a LOT more conscious of what they are typing.

Imagine everytime someone is about to write they have to think "Hmmm, does this idea slot into one of the accepted pigeon holes listed. Let me check, uh, no. Its different, but not an accepted strategy. That's a shame, I'll have to tell that millionaire I had the chance to talk to and explain how I couldn't share their info because it doesn't conform to the accepted strategies on the forum".

Douglas, the list of accepted strategies you mention, still aren't widely accepted in the general community. You won't see them openly discussed in the commercial investment magazines. Does that mean we shouldn't discuss them either?. I mean 95% of the population don't won't to talk about them?, I ask, dare we?

No offence attended, just my way of making a point :)

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