SQM's vacancy rates now updated for December 09

Please dont let this get out. No one will believe you.

Vacany rates are meant to be declining, thats what my local RE agent told me. I think all agents are trust worthy. No vested interets, able to give out financial advice without a license.

What is going on?

I thought rents were to be going up this year. You know supply, demand, shortage etc.

The only thing I know that is going up is IR's and taxes.

Thanks Black Dragon, but most people cannot handle the trueth.

Thanks, great information. We have found that it is easier to rent properties around June/ July and December/ January period. The rest of the time it appears to be slower.

It is important to find a good proactive agent who is prepared to work hard at finding tenants when the going get tough is important.

That's me fallen off my chair. The map I looked at was Eyre in SA - a number of rellies bought IP's there.

The graph is pretty dramatic. It looks as if it's not up a little but skyrocketed! Am I reading this right? From this info does it mean that it's going to be a bit trickier finding tenants?

Sorry to be a simpleton, it's just that that graph is so much at odds with media reports.
Hi Amdio

What is the postcode for Eyre or are you able to post the chart here? I thought the postcode was 5632. However we have no data on this postcode.

Thanks for the feedback all. Looking forward to getting out our next index now. Doing a stock on market one by postcode and hoping I will be able to give a measurement on the age of the stock in the same bar chart.

Should be fun.