St George 5 yrs fixed

Did St George 5 yrs fixed rate just drop recently or have I been asleep? I vaguely remember it being 4.99 for a while and just noticed in the local branch an ad saying 4.49
There's quite a number of lenders doing 3.99% fixed (admittedly for only 1 yr) at present. Happy days! :p
Thats a great rate Prop! I guess my thoughts are though that whilst a few key areas of the economy are depressed at present that these are unlikely to remain so for a full 5 yrs. I find it hard to believe that by yrs 3, 4 and 5 we won't see a pick up in our economy, which would then lead to rates increasing. Hence my interest in the longer term fixed rate. Its all speculation but fun i guess.
the current lowish rates were in my view quite foreseeable a couple of years ago.

Well if anyone was to foresee them it would be you rolf. Do you see long term low rates or do you think they will begin rising after 2015 being low? (or something else entirely)