St George Fixed - Any Discount?

I did a search & couldn't see this Q being asked before. I have the usual discount off SVR with St George but wondering whether anyone has ever been able to negotiate anything off their fixed rates?.. Seeing WP at least give me 0.2%
I believe on the package product offers .15% and depending on the size of your loan you could negiotiate a higher discount?
Thanks, guys - that's something to start from. Although after today they may be on the rise again.:(
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I'd question whether it is worth fixing at this stage in the cycle eg current SGB 3 year fixed with 0.15% discount is 7.54%, variable portfolio 6.78% with 0.8% discount is 5.98%. So your difference is 1.5%. Which means that for the fixing to break even you need to be anticipating variable rates will rise higher than 1.5% over the course of the loan. you would probably need rates to rise say 2% over the next 9 months to come out in front. For example I fixed some at 6.34% last year and kept the balance variable. After 6 months i am still behind by fixing rather than going variable.

If you need to fix so you can sleep at night that's fine, but I am not sure now is the best time in the interest rate cycle to fix.
Hmm, I contacted them by phone some time ago and they said "sorry you can not get discounted fixed rate with the package". Did you get it only recently?
Thanks jrc & Ms Jade for this post.
I can't recall when I asked them exactly probably not long after they introduced the packaging product. Perhaps before they had discounted fixed rate, or the person on the phone did not know enough?

Anyway, I agree with jrc that it is a questionable time to start fixing now. It was more an attractive option 6 months ago (you are luckly).

I will ring them and ask anyway and will make a decision from there.
0.15% is standard if the fixed rate loan is part of the package.

In my experience, I have been able to secure a higher discoutn on the variable loans, but the fixed rates do not move above 0.15% discount.

I am not saying it is not possible, I just havent seen it.