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From: John Kool

Does anyone know if stamp duty is to be phased out soon?
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From: Sim' Hampel

I thought we'd lost the stamp duty concessions as a result of the compromises the Democrats forced upon the GST tax package (ie. GST exemptions).

ie. the states will still be charging us stamp duty.

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From: Pierre .

Ah yes - the Democrats. They completely rooted what was going to be a great new tax system. No more Stamp Duty (among a load of other taxes they made us keep), better tax rates ...... simplicity !

They couldn't 'keep the bastards honest', so they became the bastards.


Former Senate Democrat voter.

God knows who I will vote for now - might have to be the Greens.

Oh, and John, - yes Sim''s (now that's interesting Simon, how DO you add a possessive 's' to the shortened version of your name?) right - you still have to pay Stamp Duty to the states. In exchange for allowing TNTS through the Senate, the Democrats required a number of modifications. I think at least 9 different taxes that were meant to disappear had to stay (incl. Stamp Duty), and we all know the income tax brackets changed, certain items were GST exempted etc etc.
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From: Marshall Brentnall

Spot on Pierre - in addition to this they decreased the highest marginal tax rate from the proposed $75k to the present $60k......why?

Because it was too advantageous to the rich...what a joke!

It is harmful and disadvantageous to everyone!
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From: Rasputin .

GST was always going to be complicated even without the democrats further buggering it up.. Liberals promised us just one tax a flat 10% , but look at Petrol still we have Fuel excise plus GST, Wine has the infamous Wine Equalisation Tax plus GST .... So much for one flat rate.... !!!!
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