Starter investor seeking advices for investing apartments

These apartments are in Queens Street Bris CBD. They sound pricy but the location is the equivalent of Pitt St Sydney. The rental for the one bedder will be 500 pw, and the car park can rent separately for 100 per week.

I also expect a capital gain before the 2017 settlement. That is the strategy anyway.

The 2 BR will have to rent for more and same deal with the car park.

It is not a huge cash flow, but the location will give capital gain , and liquidity should I want to sell.

It's not a good idea to buy an apartment right in CBD, as they can build as many tall residential building as they like, and the initial price (especially OTP is very expensive already).

The glut of oversupply is inevitable, and capital gain will be very limited.

I would suggest go out 5-10km from CBD in an established suburb with good amenities, schools, shops, cafes, etc and most importantly with height restriction.