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From: Silver Ghost

Sorry to bang on about this statistics thing but now it's got down to basics and it's really bugging the hell out of me.

You are all no doubt aware that every seminar / evening / presentation you go to (and in some Aussie books), they all mention that when we all hit the age of 65, x% live off less than $400 per week, y% live off whatever and only 1.3%(?) have over $1,000 pw to live off.

Well.... has anyone got a reference for these stats? - because they all seem to differ slightly every time they are quoted. They all reference either Aus Bureau of Stats 1996 or Census but I CANNOT FIND THEM (aarrgghh).

The nearest I can get is ABS doc 6523.0 but it talks in quintiles and mean incomes but no specifics as above. I even called the ABS but they said that they didn't think they had those particular details.

Can anyone pleeeez help? any statisticians or actuaries or numbers freaks out there? Anybody? Please?
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From: Duncan M

Get over the stats thing! Do you really need to have it proved to you that
you're going to be struggling in retirement in order to do something about
it? Isnt the thought of having at _LEAST_ your current income in retirement
enough motivation to start investing? How many super funds/pensions are
going to deliver that to you?

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From: Silver Ghost

Thanks for your contribution Duncan, I appreciate it. Not QUITE was I looking for, but thanks anyway.
PS I started investing in property some time ago and am doing quite nicely thank you. I hope you are, too. Have a nice weekend.
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From: Luke W

Hi Silver Ghost,
I don't have it out at the moment, but I think Hans Jakobi quotes similar figures at the start of his "happy & wealthy on your income book"

He is usually good at referencing, so it might be worth a try.

Good luck,

(Also a fanatical footnoter)
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