From: Dee Mee

I found an interesting article, dunno if its been posted before
fantastic article published in dec 2001

syd - median 3bdrm housing rents - 300/wk in 1996, 235/wk in 2001 - that looks a little odd, is that right, whereas units/flats have shown good rental growth

the returns from all capital cities over 9yrs is pretty similar - about 13%

also odd how act and NT have the highest median family incomes

some great stats which are hard to find in there
posts some stats u find intersting
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From: Les .

G'day Dee Mee,

And thanks for digging that one up and posting it - certainly interesting reading ...

A question that arises from that is from a comment on page 5 (under heading "Real Estate"). It says "Consumer confidence in property is affected by a range of factors, including inter alia, ....."

Now THAT is a phrase I've never seen explained before - can anyone tell me what "inter alia" means?

Stats I found interesting were the decline over the years in homeowners, with (of course) an increase in renters - maybe the bulk are share investors who couldn't stay afloat (what do you reckon, Eric?? ;^)

1988 - 74.0% own or are buying houses
1998 - 71.2% own or are buying houses
1999 - 70.1% own or are buying houses (helluva change in one year !!)

1988 - 17.9% are renting (non-State housing)
1998 - 20.9% are renting (non-State housing)
1999 - 20.3% are renting (FHOG having an effect?? Can't be - didn't that come in July 2000? In fact, if we look at 1999, LESS people were buying their own homes, AND less were renting in non-State housing. So, did State housing ramp up the number of available houses that year? Or did many more people suddenly go back home to live with Mum and Dad rent-free?? Any ideas, anyone?



- "Eschew Obfuscation" - ;^)
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From: Les .

Thanks Paul - much appreciated.



- "Eschew Obfuscation" - ;^)
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