I am preparing a claim for negligence against a real estate agent who managed my property. Could you let me know about the time limits for claims? I believe for damages it is 3 years (or is that only the tenancy division) and have read for services provided it is 10years. What is the time limit in the general division claims? When I returned to live at the property, I became aware of how negligent the agent had been in the way they managed the outgoing tenant, and realised, that this was probably the cause of the shocking condition of the property and existed through each tenancy.
If I was living a long way away from the property, how would I know if the agent was doing what they guarantee they do? The tribunal member in the tenancy division described their outgoing condition report as 'worthless', so my assets were not protected by the managing agency and I am holding them accountable.
I would not wish this process on anyone, it is so time consuming and your forum is the only support I have found for owners. Thanks, Woll