Steve Mcknight

From: Property Investor

Hi everyone,

There is a Steve Mcknight seminar coming up next week in Melbourne which I'm contemplating attending to.

Can anyone give me some feedback good or bad on Steve?
What is his seminar like?
Has anyone dealt with him before?
Main strategies used?

Much appreciated,
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From: Les .

G'day Mannie,

You asked:-
"Can anyone give me some feedback good or bad on Steve?"
Les> I've not done his recent seminars, but I caught one of his early offerings (an evening in Melbourne) last year. I was impressed with the quantity and quality of information that was presented that night.

What is his seminar like?
Les> Can't comment (if this is a Weekend thing) - but see above

Has anyone dealt with him before?
Les> If you mean "dealt" as in buying property from him, can't comment. If you are talking generic dealings - e.g. meeting, discussing, watching him in action, etc. then I am able to say "I like him, I'm impressed by him, and I can learn a lot from him." I watched him in action actually doing some wraps, meeting with buyers, etc. He appeared to me to be a man of integrity, honesty, and compassion - as well as being an astute businessman.

Main strategies used?
Les> Wraps and/or positive geared property. He is a staunch advocate of positive gearing (and denigrator of negative gearing - is that too strong a word?? hmmmm!! ). Steve champions positive gearing and appears to have been enormously successful in building a significant portfolio since May 1999. He also appears to run things in a very "structured" way (he is an Accountant, so it's probably second nature to him...) and appears to be very thorough. And he advocates teamwork - and has an impressive team around him.

I will be at his evening seminar in Parramatta on Thurs night this week - I'm looking forward to it.

I don't know of your "workshop/seminar" (length of time, costs, etc) - but I would be VERY surprised if you were disappointed with the outcome.

They are my opinions - let's see what others think ....



- "Eschew Obfuscation" - ;^)
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From: Property Investor


Thank you very much for your fully descriptive reply to my question.

I was just wanting to know whether I was going to be wasting my time attending the seminar.
Now you have me enthusiastic!

The seminar is next Tuesday evening for 4 hours at a cost of $49 pp or $80 for two.
I will be taking a friend that I will be introducing to the wonderful world of Property investing.

Can you please let me know how your seminar in Parramatta goes, and what topics did he cover?

Many Thanks,
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From: R S

Hi Mannie,

I went to both his intro and did his seminar.

I learned a lot from Steve and he is very good and genuine in what he does.

If you are interested, I suggest it's very worthwhile.

All the best

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From: J Parker

I can only agree with the comments above. Steve has struck me as an honest hard-working guy who has been extremely successful in setting up a large passive income stream through positive geared properties (Rental and wraps). I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wants to move ahead in the world of property investing.

Steve Parker
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