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From: Glenn S

Is any one here a member of this service?

Can you shed some light on its good and bad points.

Has it been useful to you?

Was it worth the $400?

What about the CD they offer any good?

(Another silly newbie)
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From: Bruce Sutherland


No need to be so self depreciative, you asked some pretty good questions. I'll be perfectly happy to read some answers & I'd bet I won't be the only one.

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From: Con W


Yep, I've subscribed to Wealthtipsonline. I find it really helpful as I'm interested in wraps. Currently it covers mainly wraps, but I guess that is because Steve and Dave have done so well with them and can offer very good overview advice to the site on top of the posts from subscribers. They also put out regular monthly documents to members which are much more weatlh creation orientated than just wrap orientated. I think in the near future the site will broaden in wealth creation advice greatly. Recently I purchased the CD with tips on advertising for potential people to wrap to. When I received it I at first thought "gosh is that it!" BUT as with most things it is the obvious and the basics that are often forgotten and so on a further look I realised how good the info was. When I saw it in front of me I naturally thought I already knew the info, but would I have remembered each of the points doing it on my own without prompting? I don't know.
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From: Glenn S

Hey, Thanks a lot for the input, Lots of these things you really need to get an independent view.

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From: Earl Winterstein

Can some give the web page address to check Steve's site. It sounds interesting for a new person.

Thanking you in advance,

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From: Sim' Hampel

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