Steve McKnight's Wrap Seminar



From: Frode Egeland

Hi everyone,

I was fortunate enough to attend Steve's seminar last weekend.
Wow! What an event! A room full of great people, and a day full of learning new things!
Steve is one of the few totally genuine people in this world, and his philosophy of people before profits is remarkable and inspiring.
The wrap technique sounds so simple when explained by Steve and his team.
Now I need to 'get my butt into gear' and take action! :)

A heartfelt Thankyou to Steve, David, Lewis, Don and the rest of the team for a great and educational day!

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From: Anonymous

Here here
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From: Neophyte .

I'm interested in getting into wrapping property (and I'm new to this forum- so please excuse my ignorance).

Can you give any info on Steve and/or his seminars?

thanks in advance
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