Steve McNight vs Rick Otton wrap packs.......



From: Jamie Smith

Hi, as an interested buyer of one of these two wrap packs, I'd like some feedback on persons whom may have purchased and how and if they differ to much degree.....Cheers Jamie

Rick's site

Steve's site

P.S both products are similarly priced
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From: Dallas Kelso


I have viewed both courses. My wife and I have been learning wraps for a few months now. I have not had as much time to cover both sets of materials, but one thing I can comment on, is that Rick's material covers very real life, easy to follow examples. From what I understand, he has been in this field for many years, and has seen highs and lows of the market.

Note sure if Steve has been in it long enough to offer the same sound advise that Rick is offering, but that's not to say his material is no good!

My wife studied both in detail, and found Rick's material better for her. In fact, now that we have been selling houses, she runs the adds, and takes all the calls.

She got a call the other day from an "interested" buyer, who at the end of the call said, "Oh, you must have done Burleys boot camp!". He had no real interest in the house, but praise Kerrie on how professional she conducted the call! Obviously, she has not done this boot camp, but she did take a couple of weeks to study and probably got more value from this course in Australia, then going all the way to the US to pay five times the amount, in a market we would not be buying houses in anyway!

You need to check them both out for yourself, but for us, we found Rick's course better value in terms of learning. We hire accountants and legal people to handle the other sides for us, as each state will be different. Steve includes this in his course, but it seems to only be good for Victoria? Check it out and good luck!

Cheers - Dallas
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From: J Parker

I have both packages and have the following comments. Both are very informative and would certainly allow someone to wrap with confidence after working through them. Which is right for you depends on your circumstances and what you wish to achieve. Steve's package is mainly aimed at long term wraps that bring in a positive cash flow for the length of the wrap. He actually doesn't want people to refinance early.
Rick's package is aimed at short term wraps where he prefers to have the purchasers refinance in a few years. This allows him to bring forward his profit and purchase other properties.
So to summarise, both are great value, you just have to decide what your aim is. I certainly enjoyed Rick's tapes however, as they answered the questions that Newbies wanted to know...because its newbies asking the questions.

Steve Parker (Jacque's better half)
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From: Dale Gatherum-Goss


I've just finished reading Steve McKnight's kit and found it interesting. I'm looking forward to reading Rick's kit and when I do, I'm more than happy to give a detailed explanation of differences between the two and one that I feel is better.

I'll let you know soon.

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From: Felicity W.

One thing that has impressed me about both Rick and Steve is their willingness to help people by answering their questions. It's great to see both of them being such awesome mentors in this field.
Too often you go to a seminar or buy a tape pack from a "guru" and that's the end of it - too bad if you have questions once you've gone through the material, the guru is gone.
Keep smiling
Felicity :cool:
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