Stilll verryyy sslllowwww...

From: Silver Ghost

Anybody know who we need to contact to get this system back up to speed again? It's real pain. Any tecchies out there?
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From: Glenn Mott

Set yourself up on the mailing list Silver Ghost....its much better


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Subject: Stilll verryyy sslllowwww...

From: "Silver Ghost" <>

Anybody know who we need to contact to get this system back up to speed
again? It's real pain. Any tecchies out there?

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From: Geoff Whitfield


It might be faster, but posts from an email are dreadful.

I seem to remember some time back that there is a setting which enables posts from email to appear as normal in the forum. Can anyone remember what that is?


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From: Duncan M

> It might be faster, but posts from an email are dreadful.

BINHEX the attachment format to force Outlook to send in 'real' plaintext.
(File -> Properties -> Send Options) from each Message.

This post is from Email.

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From: Rick Kirk

Hi all,

I may have missed something. It looks like it's possible to have the forum mailed to you in some type of digest format. Can someone please explain. That'd be much easier than using the web side of things.

Everything is slow from here too. I posted this on Monday ;)

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From: Martin .

Aaah Yes!

The answer of the seasoned programmer / computer expert.... A "work around" to to bandaid the problem!

Good to see IT is still as forbearing as ever!

If this forum was a horse - things would be getting a bit sticky about now....

Maybe who ever set up this wonderful apparatus that is the forum, could lift the bonnet and see just what has become of their once useful creation.

Maybe you could rebuild it, make it faster, stronger and whatever else they used to do for six million dollars back in the seventies!

If all else fails why not just turn it off and on again - doesn't that always work usually?

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From: Ian Parham

Just an informative update from Ian Somers. I wasn't going to post his reply as Sim & others had previously discussed this issue last week. Please be patient :>)

Cheers Ian (WA)

Hi Ian,

I have not heard from Webcentral since they moved my request to their second-tier support team. I will try again or start looking elsewhere for a more reliable and more efficient service for our user base. We too see the forum as having already become a valuable resource base for property investors and are 100% committed to support it into the future.

You are welcome to extract and post this to the forum if you think it will help (that is if you can get on).


Ian Somers

At 08:40 PM 5/08/2002 +0800, you wrote:

Hello Ian

You have obviously already received notification of the difficulties people are experiencing in accessing the forum....I am yet another ;>)

Essentially I can sometimes access it without any sluggishness, but after reading 6 or 7 items my machine gets bogged down to the point where it literally stops me opening any further posts. Tonight I can't even get past the log in page.

I saw Sim Hampnel posted a short reply on what the reasoning is, I am wondering though, if there is anything you as the Webmaster can do to try and regain an improved performance from the site?

I will mention that I started having these issues about the same time as the last round of archiving and the 'chat room' came into being???

Otherwise I am extremely appreciative of having the forum in the first place, which naturally says I am extremely appreciative of you availing your time and effort to provide the resource.

Thanks in advance for any breakthrough you may be able to achieve in restoring the site to it's former speedy glory!

Kind regards

Ian Parham
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From: Sim' Hampel

Just as a follow up, I have been working with Ian to come up with a strategy for fixing problems with the forum. We are making good progress and hope to have a solution in the near future.

I hope people will have patience and will continue to support Ian's efforts considering how much time and effort AND MONEY he has put into this forum for the benefit of all of us.

Keeping the knowledge base of information from this forum and the original is top priority for Ian, and we are working on a plan to move this information to a system which would allow searches much more easily.

Looking forward to the continued support of the Somersoft forum from all of you in the future !

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