stove/dishwasher recommendations

Any recommendations brand wise for a 60cm stove (electric oven, gas top) and dishwasher for a new extension in an IP?

The cheapies (Technika, Baumatic et al) seem to get some appalling reviews online.

Not decided yet on built in vs freestanding but leaning towards freestanding to enable easy replacement later if need be.

We will be keeping the place so don't want something that will need fixing all the time.
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I've bought and used lots of Westinghouse appliances with no issues whatsoever. They're cheap and seem (so far!) reliable. The last dishwasher I purchased was an Electrolux (one of the cheapest brands) and it's fantastic- mind you, I've only had it 2 yrs so far so I'd better not jinx myself now..:D

Tip: if you're looking to buy for existing IP's as replacements why not also try Ebay? I recently picked up a solid older electric freestanding (Chef) one in spotless condition for around $250 and the tenant was very happy. Does the job.
Get in touch with your electrical sellers as thet will have items that are "seconds" or ex displays at various times.

If you speak to the manager, most will happily let you know and these can be picked up quite cheap with same warranty.

Whirlpool is also a good site to reveiw.
Westinghouse / Electrolux / Chef. All owned by the same mob. Most are still made in Australia(!!) in Adelaide & Orange, apparently. Never had any problem with them & would likely stick with Aussie stuff over euro if i have to replace appliances in the PPOR (shock, horror!).
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The cheapies (Technika, Baumatic et al) seem to get some appalling reviews online.
Interestingly enough, I've had about 9 x Technika underbench ovens/ solid plate electric cooktops/ range hood combos in stainless steel for 10+ years in IPs and a PPOR without any issues apart from one oven door repalcement.
Well, that's timely!
Choice oven review just came out this afternoon & they have recommended 2 as the Choice Buys (both scored 91%): Electrolux EPEE63AS and Westinghouse POP883S (which was the cheapest one in the test). :)

EDIT: Just looking at the table and though they said the Westinghouse was the cheapest it lists 2 others as being cheaper (Baumatic + DeLonghi).
i have just completed my homework on dishwashers...only way to go is bosch......leaves all others and i mean the lot of them for dead.....

forget the showponey brand that all yuppies use..i wont mention the name but most will know which one...they are good but when they break down they will cost you an arm and leg to fix..

go for bosch dishwashers, they are brilliant...
I installed 4 x Baumatic gas cooktops and 4 x Baumatic electric ovens in a block of 4 flats I own, about 15 years ago.

To this day, they still are (almost) perfect.:D:D

A lot of the no name euro brands are aligned with another big name euro brand, so hence, the same quality.

Nothing wrong with Westinghouse/Chef etc either.

I would say though (and I repair ovens professionally), to stay away from unnecessary electronic touch controls and complicated electronics. Especially if they are located where they are at risk of a boilover.
We have an all-electric freestanding Westinghouse here and are shopping around for pretty much what you are looking for at the moment and are still looking at Westinghouse. Having some issues finding one with a gas cooktop, gas GRILL and electric oven though. Our builder didn't have any at all with separate grills (we grill a lot) so we're buying our own separately.

As to dishwashers - need one of those too. MIL probably has a Miele, she likes those, but I think there is a 100% markup for the brand name. Friend of ours has a Smeg and hates it. You can't leave it open a crack, it has to be fully open or fully closed so its either leave it shut and let the mould grow or leave it open and have no kitchen left. It also has a habit of firing the buttons off at innocent bystanders. I suggested she get it listed as a registered weapon :)
worked in PM for several years and would always recommend Westinghouse or Electrolux. Relatively easy to service and repair if necessary and quite economic.

Even doing my own PPOR kitchen i have opted for all westinghouse... (expect for the LG fridge which hubby bought).