Strata deals in Tamworth

Hi everyone

Hubby and I have been on the lookout for a basic strata deal to cut our teeth on. Something like a small block of units (about 4 units would be good) that we could strata title and maybe do a minor cosmetic reno on. We would almost certainly look to sell all 4 units on the first occasion. Tamworth has been suggested as a location that might meet our needs. If we did something like this in Tamworth is there a market for strata titled one (or two) bed units? How long (on average) would these types of units take to sell once strata titled?

Any other comments on Tamworth as a place to invest would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Angela :)
Do your research


If I was you I would call up real estate agents in Tamworth and act like you are in the market for those units. Ask them if there is any on the market, how much they are, what's the rent out potentil etc.
Then call up (or rather let hubby call the second time) and act like you are looking for renting those kind of units for yourself; what's on offer, how much etc.
So work out what's on the market, demand vs supply.

Good luck, let us know how you go!

Cheers: Tamira