Strata managers Perth

Hello all,
Firstly, thankyou to all the regular posters on this site. So much good information.

Just a quick question for now, can anyone recommend a good Strata management company in the Perth area? Do they even exist? Lol
The IP is in Lathlain and we have been using Real Estate Masters for the five years since construction and they have been terrible.
No communication, late agm's, not sorting out basic maintenance issues, don't reply to emails at all etc.
We just want someone who will do the job and maintain basic communication with the body corporate.
Thanks in advance,
There are heaps of Strata Managers in Perth and their fees vary significantly.
Different strata managing companies suit different sized Body Corporates.

For a small complex of 4 units we use the following which is also close to your Lathlain unit.

Exclusive Strata Management
tel: 08 9362 1166 fax: 08 9362 1133
post: PO Box 779, Victoria Park, Perth WA 6979
Thanks for the reply Joe. There are 14 townhouses in the complex. Would you still recommend this company for this number?
If so, do you have a contact person? Or I'll just go through the main office.
The communication is obviously good? Happy with them and no issues?
Thanks again for the reply
I recommend you shop around.

I did the shop around exercise for our 4 townhouse complex back in 2012 and summarised the Base Fees as follows:

ESM (Contact: Eve Cook)) $980 incl GST
Blackburne (West Perth) $2000 plus GST
Realmark (Leederville) $2000 plus GST Minimum charge for up to 9 lots
Diamond (Seville Grove) $1000 plus GST Will travel for AGMs as required
Ron Edwards & Assoc (Leederville) $1600 plus GST

(nb: Prices may have changed since)

Communications are only as good as you and the rest of the Owners allow. For a large complex like yours it is best if the Owners sort out the day to day issues and leave the Strata Manager to do the books, arrange AGMs and general stuff only.