Strata Titling

From: Paul Roberts

I own a duplex pair on one title (In Palm Beach on the Gold Coast - surfs up so this is brief). I am wondering if there is any advantage to strata titling these properties.
I realise that there is an initial outlay and also ongoing extra rates charges. But does strata titled units value up more to allow further acquisitions? Valuers seem to undervalue the property based on the limited market for a duplex pair on single title. Does the freeing up of more equity cover the costs? I can move forward under either scenario, but with more equity access, I can buy more properties.
Any comments please.
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From: Tom Moschitz

Hi Paul,

I strata titled a duplex in Manly NSW and upon revaluation was pleased to see a 65% increase. The main objective being a substantial increase in equity towards my next purchase. Up front costs totalled $9,000 and $1200pa ongoing (both of which are deductible) but in comparison a small price to pay.

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From: Joanna K

Hi Paul,

Why don't you torrens title it instead? I do believe this would be possible, that way no levies are payable by purchasers should you ever decide to sell.

psychologically, torrens is preferrable to strata where purchasers are concerned.

Kind regards

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