strata titling

Hey we are currently looking at a block of 9 units that are basically all free standing no commonwalls etc has anyone strata titled a block of units

if so how long approx did it take to change to strata costs involved etc

You might want to specify the state they are in. Makes a difference.
If they are free standing, at least you don't have to worry about firewall issues, which can have a significant impact on the budget.
Strata titling in QLD is fairly easy. Contact a surveyor for a quote, they draw up plans that are submitted to council, for a block of 3 I strata titled cost was around 7k (included all expenses) your survey work on 9 units should be around 5k I think. my council rates almost doubled though so be sure to ask how they will change on seperate title. everything was done in about a month, council aproovaltook 1 week.
Yes done about 20 here in Brisbane but would say whilst the work is failry staight forward the requirements vary from Council to council when it comes to things like fire rating requirments, balcony height etc etc.

Brisbane CC varies to Logan / Albert Shire so check with your local TP prior to committing yourself to the dollars.

Also factor other expenses such as the establishment of the Body Corporate (required for 5 units and more) etc etc.
Strata a block of four in N.S.W

Hi I am intersted in buying a block of four units. Does anyone know what the fees would be and how I would go about strata titling the units? Also does there need to be any money in the sinking fund to start with? (Hope this makes sense)