Strategic Management Works



From: Anonymous

Has anyone heard of this company. It is run by a man call Roy McDonald - a self made multi millionaire. He runs
seminars & short courses on creating wealth form his offices in Crows Nest (Sydney). I have attended the introductory
seminar and just wondered if anyone else has had any experience with them.
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From: The Wife

I'm always curious if, anonymous posts about peoples seminars, are actually the seminar givers them self ( or their flunkies) trying to spam up a little bit of business?

Its always a strange question I reckon, saying you have been to 'xyz' seminar, has anyone else been? what are ya gonna compare notes on what chair numbers you had?

What did you think of the seminar you just attended anon?

Tell us about it ? You know you want to.

~Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all~
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