streaky bay

Port Lincoln possibly. Streaky Bay, probably not.
The ferry across the Gulf has made Port Lincoln an easy drive from Adelaide. Streaky Bay is just too far at 8 hours drive from Adelaide for it to get too big..
except the ferry's been out for 6 months & won't be back again for another 6 mths ... Port lincoln is lovely though .. qantas are currently doing flights for $59 from adelaide which makes me think they are either trying to drive rex out of the route & then up their prices, or else they aren't making anything and will pull out in a couple of months ... like they did on the melbourne-kangaroo island route which they had a go at a couple of years back - if they can't make money now then they certainly won't in the winter

my view is that when olympic dam finally gets off the ground there will be a load of fly in / fly outs based there .. nice place to live, a bit cooler & only an hr flight from OD .. same has happened in WA with people basing themselves in port denison, dongara
STB, I just wanted to clarify for everyone why the ferry is not currently running. As far as I am aware they ordered a new ferry and had a contract in place to sell the existing boat on the date the new boat was due. There was a delay in the production of the new boat so they were left without a ferry for about 12 months.

Bit of a stuff up, must be hard having your business sitting idle for 12 months while you're still incuring most of your expenses. Wil be good for the area when it is back up and running.

yes gools, i think thats about right with the ferry .. if i were a tourist operator over on the eyre peninsula i'd be a bit peeved ... & i hope the ferry company have understanding bank managers after being without income for 12 mths !
Streaky Bay is a lovely place, I loved visiting there. Having said that, it's a long trek to get there, and there's not much to do once there.
except the ferry's been out for 6 months & won't be back again for another 6 mths ...

10 months now.
Delayed ferry return
Wednesday, 20 January 2010
Journalist: Ros White — The arrival of the new SeaSA ferry has been delayed but the Wallaroo to Lucky Bay service will recommence in mid-November.

SeaSA managing director, Stuart Ballantyne, announced last Friday the new ferry “Aurora” would begin operating in mid-November, not mid-2010 as advised last October.

Mr Ballantyne said the Aurora was currently being pre-cut in Vietnam and then construction would start.

“We will be taking on staff again in August and we are going flat chat to get the service up and running again in mid-November,” he said.

SeaSA suspended its ferry service between Wallaroo and Lucky Bay in October last year, after the withdrawal from the market of the planned interim vessel, “Seaway”, by its new owners the Abu Dhabi Government.

The Seaway was loaded on a ship last month for its journey to the Middle East.

Mr Ballantyne said he was very pleased state cabinet met on December 17 and approved Major Project Status for the ferry terminal development in Lucky Bay.

“The Department of Environment and Heritage (DEH) had been contesting an issue of high sea level rise,” he explained.

“Hopefully, we can now build our new terminal building where the current terminal is and not a kilometre up the road.

“We are hopeful of resolving an ILUA (Indigenous Land Use Agreement) on the Lucky Bay side by mid-February, which will enable us to have a permanent lease instead of an annual licence.

“The issue with the Copper Coast council in relation to the intersection of Jetty Road and Heritage Drive has also been resolved.”

Mr Ballantyne said his company had provisional planning approval for its Wallaroo terminal building, which the Development Assessment Commission was processing as a non-complying development, and had still not been informed by the DAC on its approval.

District Council of the Copper Coast chief executive officer, Peter Dinning, said the DAC was still awaiting a “Statement of Effect” to be supplied by the applicant in relation to car parking before final approval could be granted.
Construction soon

DCCC mayor Paul Thomas said he was pleased to hear of a mid-November recommencement date for the SeaSA ferry service, although council had been hoping for an earlier start, but it had not been advised of a starting date for the construction of a multi-storey terminal at Wallaroo.

“We will be contacting SeaSA and our suggestion will be that construction start as soon as possible, which will certainly build confidence in the area,” he said.

“One of the problems at the terminal was the amount of parking available and this would be less during a construction period.

“If a lot of this building could be done while the ferry is not operating, the car parking issue could be eliminated.

“Council will work to redesign the intersection of Heritage Drive and Jetty Road to allow the movement of heavy vehicles, as Transport SA deemed the intersection was too tight for these vehicles to negotiate safely.”