Streets Ahead?



From: Peter Davidson

Has anybody read this book? I stepped out this arvo to purchase Jan's new book, "Creating more wealth through Investment property" and came across "Streets Ahead" by Monique and Richard Wakelin. So, I bought them both. Hopefully, it's good reading, scimmed through a few of the chapters and looks promising.


Just do it!
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From: Robert Paul

Hi peter,
i bought the book on a flight to brisbane from sydney,looking for an ip up there,it is basic but I found it very practical,it is based on common sense,and i found i couldnt put it down.
still there is not much else to do but read in brisbane!!!

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From: Dale Gatherum-Goss

Hi Pete

I am abt half way through it. A lot of basic stuff, but, some very good information and well worth the read.

I recommend it.

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From: Everett .

I read Streets ahead a few weeks ago and found it heavily bent towards inner city only type investments, cap growth orientated. It almost says don't touch (pos geared) outer suburbs. Good read if its your strategy, a bit negative if it's not
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From: Denise Macadam

Hi Robert,
Gosh, what a thing to say - we in Brisbane resemble that remark!
Heaps to see and do, how did you IP search go?
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