Streets to avoid in Cambridge Park (near Penrith)

Hi folks,
I'm looking to invest in a 3/4 bedroom house in Cambridge Park near College Street / Dundee St but heard that there is some housing commission around there but the real estate agent insists that there is none around and it won't impact the property and you will get decent tenants.

I'm looking for some honest and genuine advice from those who are familiar with the area so I can make the right decision. I can pick up the property for a very good price but again I don't want to invest somewhere there is a lot housing commission and if I cant get decent tenants to rent the place.

Thanks in advance!
Savvy Investor
I'm not from the area but from what I've heard there is some housing commissions south of Victoria St near Kingswood station. I would just drive around the area and get a feel of the residents.