Structure advice for ozy going O/S for 2yrs



From: Shaun Wilkeson

Hi all, My wife and I are heading to the UK in about a month. I'm keen on building cashflow (so when we come back I won't have to work as a 9-5'er :) and have investigated wraps and lease options heavily.
My question: is it best to set up a trust and corp. trustee structure over here, or over there? I know our law is based on the British- so will any 'foreign' structure be legally recognised?, and when we return, would a structure be corrupted by being 'foreign' to aust?. My fear is that we do deals (using either british or Aust. structures), and find in a few years that they have been compromised or not recognised (should any legel situation arise - either here or there.)
We are both Aust residents and will return after our work-contract period (as above, min. oneyr up to 2yrs).
Appreciative of any advice,
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From: Mike .

Hi Shaun,

I'm in London so if you want to contact me I'll forward my contact details to you. There are some other aussies posting to a UK forum at

You'll need to join first but try posting your question there. They understand Kiyosaki principles, although wraps is still in its infancy here.

I can't help you directly with your trust question but it comes down to who will provide finance to a trust with a non-resident trustee? Research the finance side first and then go with whatever is easiest to get loans.

Regards, Mike
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