Stud Wall cost

Just wondering if anyone would have an approximate cost of having someone build a stud wall with plasterboard lining. Dimensions are 2400mm high and a total of 11 metres long. Also given this is a relatively small job, would you recommend a handyman? By the way, the property is in Brisbane.

A bit more information please,

Do I assume its timber and not metal studs, is it a straight wall, or a number smaller walls, does it have door ways with installation of doors, electrical work, is the job on the ground floor, upper levels or both, easy access or difficult access, are there hour restriction to work, residential / commercial.

The existing floor and ceiling. Ceiling, plaster ceiling and timber framing or concrete, existing floor, timber or concrete.

Purpose of the wall just a partition wall or are you going to planning to put shelfs up and put heavy items on the shelfs which my need 90 mm studs instead of 70mm.

Its not easy to just give a price without knowing a few things, if one knows a bit more one can provide a better estimate.

A simple question answered with a lot of questions :cool:

carpentry material $700
plastering $1100 sheeted both sides set and sanded
painted $450

total cost for labour and material $2250 ex gst
throw a bit of profit in say $350
reckon that would be yer ballpark
Thanks Brian and sports fan,

I think I'll get someone to do the framing and then do the sheeting and painting myself. It's in a garage so can afford an amateur plastering.

much appreciated!