Study participants for PHD study into 'renter owners'


I am a PHD student at Swinburne University conducting research into the decisions people make to become renter-owners. By renter-owners I mean someone who is:
1. A renter, because they rent a property from a real estate agent, landlord, family member or friend and lives in this property during normal day to day life AND
2. An owner, because they own one or more properties, with or without a mortgage, and they do not live in the property during normal day to day life.

If you are a renter-owner, I would like to invite you to participate in an interview that will take approximately one hour. Participation in the study is entirely voluntary. If you are in the Melbourne area I can conduct the interview face to face, or else the interview can be via skype or telephone.

I am interested in people who live in all kinds of households, such as single people, couple households, family households and group households. Participants need to be aged over 18.During the interview you will be asked about your housing circumstances in the past, and about your current housing situation. You will also be asked about what home and security means to you.
If you do not want to answer a question during the interview you are not required to.
The research has been approved by the Swinburne University ethics committee.
If you are a renter-owner and you are interested in participating, please PM me and I can send you an information sheet.
Regards, Ailsa
Thank you to all of those who have already participated in my study. I am still looking for participants if anyone else is interested.
The interview takes about 45 minutes over the phone, and I can call at a time that suits you.
This study has been approved by the Swinburne ethics committee.
Please send me a message and I can forward on further details.
Kind regards
So long as you release the results of the study on here, I'm happy to help.
I live in a shared apartment that I'm renting and own investment properties. PM me if you're interested.
Because it is a PHD study, it is a long processto get to publication, however once the study is finalised and the results are published I can certainly provide links to the results on the forum so anyone who is interested in this topic can access them.
Final call for participants

Hello - I am now finalising all the interviews for my PHD study. If there are any other renter-owners who would like to participate please IM me and I can send you further information. It is a 30-45 minute interview either in person or over the phone.
Kind regards
I fit your 'renter owners' definition. Even though I don't want to spend 45 mins on the phone, I'm still happy to help you if you don't have enough sample.