Stuff for sale

From: Mark Laszczuk

This isn't technically a deal, so I thought it may be harmless to put this here. Besides, someone did it a few weeks ago with no complaints, so here goes.

I am getting rid of all my Kiyosaki related stuff. I have:
Cashflow Quadrant
Guide to Investing
Retire Young Retire Rich
These are going as a set only for $30. I don't want to do individual, cause it's too much trouble. For 7.50 a pop, I'd rather hold onto them. I'll also throw in Blair Singer's Sales Dogs (appropriate name, it was a dog of a book). Postage not included. All books in excellent condition.

I also have four tape sets:
Your first step to financial freedom
Rich dad secrets
Financial Literacy
Automatic Wealth (this is a live recording of John Burleys two day seminar recorded July last year).
These are going for a hundred bucks a pop (will sell separately) or if you want all four I'll do 'em for $360. Individually, postage not included. As a set, postage included.

Do I regret buying 'em? No. Except for the books, I'll make my money back on the tape sets (with or without discount) cause I got them as part of a set when I went an saw Kiyosaki speak last year. Got Cashflow games in that set, already sold them. When I off load the tape sets, I'll have gotten my money back, so no worse off.
If you want 'em, they are in excellent condition, only listened to a few times at most. Maybe someone will get something out of them that I didn't. If you're interested, email me.

'no hat, some cattle'
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