stupid dangerous driving

I witnessed something today that has played on my mind and made me very angry.

I was in my car behind a vehicle at a busy intersection where the lights had turned green but the car infront remained like sometimes happens when you're daydreaming.

We eventually crossed and got to a speed of about 60kph (the limit) when I noticed we were approaching a 25kph roadworks sign. Well I slowed down but this driver continued at normal speed but swerving all over the road as well.

Then I observed her heading straight into the parking lane without breaking or slowing down and into a parked car and infront of that a guy un/loading a truck.

Sick to the stomach and shocked I stopped to assist and fortunately found everyone fine due to a driveway separating the car she hit and the man and his truck.

Had the driveway not been there I'm sure both would have been killed as the car she hit was pushed to where the man was standing.

Now this woman was conscious and coherant when she stepped out of the car so I take it she simply didn't have her eyes on the road for most of the 200m that I observed her drive :mad:.

Had she swerved the other way and she possibly would have had a headon collision or forced another driver into pedestrians or a powerline.

I know most of us have taken our eyes off the road for a short time to grab something or when talking but for this distance :confused:.

I hope this plays on her mind more than it has mine and she learns something from it.

I've seen a few cases of really bad driving lately but with this happening today I felt I had to vent.
she'll be charged for sure. sh*t like that bugs the fudge outta me. i see it daily as well - like today, some bloke just decided to change lanes (sans indicators) and stop (sans brake lights) into a no standing zone ( in peak hour ) about 10m from a major intersection.

yay for fools.
It was her stupidity that made me angry. These same risky driving habits and disregard for other road users is what cause many fatal accidents and the reason why people are charged with dangerous driving.

This woman didn't suddenly swerve into this car she actually drove some distance at normal speed parallel and only inches from the kerb hitting it square into the back... amazing :confused:.
A behaviour one might get from somebody who is trying to text and drive at the same time.

I once was almost sideswiped by somebody texting while driving. At the next set of red lights (where there was plenty of stop time) I jumped out and told her that she had almost hit me, and not to text at the same time.