Subdividability Minimum Land/Land shapes?

Is there a chart which shows minimum land size, land shape and subdividability possibilities at all?

Im looking at properties but having to call up a land surveyer to ask, "is this land subdividable?" must admit, i'm feeling bad about doing this,

so far ive learnt this, can somebody confirm this

For a Square Block

Minimum is 600sqm for 2 units/townhouses

Minimum is 850sqm for 3 units/townhouses

(slightly less for a corner block)

im looking at a block of land in Deer Park, its about 885sqm but its a diamond/kite shaped, with a traingular back yard,

ive spoken to a land surveyer, and have been told 2 units is easy, 3 is doubtful, but won't know until I basically pay $6000 and get plans done, but id like to know without paying $6k to find out how many units is available.

how do you non land surveyer expert property investors work it all out?
700sqm is do-able in Moreland/Hume for 3 units


I never knew that, so is 885 sqm easy for 3 dwellings???

I remember looking at another property that was about 620sqm, but the land size was like a broom, no joke, there was like a path that was in the back !!! very strange
technically doable - and physically doable - are two completely different things.

i've found, in the past, the best thing to do is find out what is required as far as council minimums (turn circles to exit property forwards, minimum visitor parking, minimum garaging per bedrooms etc) and then do up some rough plans yourself.

you very quickly get a grasp of what blocks can be used and what can't - ie - need a mimimum 11m width for turn circles so i don't even bother looking at blocks narrower than this.
alrighty thanks for that everyone, the current one im looking at is a kite shaped, so a triangluar backyard, i spoke to a land surveyer and he said 2 is fine, 3 is difficult, and hard to say,

so Im only banking on 2 however, im not even sure 2 is possible due to the shape (but im not known for my creativeness either!)

is there a way to find out a simple yes or no without paying $6k to get plans done?
Can you talk to the Council?

yes, have spoken to the council, got told that 3 might be difficult but naturally they won't confirm or are allowed to say anything in the case of getting sued and legal issues, which im not surpirsed by at all judging that everything seems to go to court these days.
Our council has a development plan up on their website. Its very handy knowing what their minimums are, and it is pretty clear cut. All about frontages and minimum areas.

Our block didn't have the frontage to divide but had the area (almost 1400sqm) and we've got it divided into two despite what the development plan says.

A house I looked at the other week is 4400sqm and can only be divided into two without hassle because the council doesn't like hammerheads. It would be a perfect block for 5 homettes on 800sqm or so each, bit of a shame. If someone actually buys my old house and I am in a position to offer on this one I might investigate it more, our council is extremely iffy on strata divisions, they prefer all houses to have street frontage.

A house we looked at a while ago was on 4000sqm as well but had a different zoning so again, could only be divided into 3 but one would have been narrow to the point of unusable because of an easement. That block is off the market now after well over 2 years for sale.

And my old house is on 1800sqm with 140m of street frontage and isn't worth dividing at all.

Now I know what the development restrictions are I can't help noticing all these nice subdivisible places around the town ... *sigh*