subdividing a block with rear lane access

hi all,

I"m thinking of subdividing a block of mine as it is a big and deep block - however, it isn't very wide and could only have one driveaway from the street and that driveway is already being used and leads to a good car port. So I'm thinking of cutting the block in halves.

So my question is - is it possible to subdivide a block and have the access to the new part of the block only by rear lane - ie not have access from the street. Basically, I'd like to keep the existing house in the front, and subdivide the block and put a new house at the back and only have access to via rear lane.

If this can be done, how is the postage delivered? Also, what address would the new block have? I'm not aware if the rear lane has any name to it at all, so how would the addressing work?

I realise this may depend on council though but am curious if other councils have allowed it.


Is this block in Canberra??? (hopefully not)

Please let me know as the rules are completely different in Canberra compared to NSW.
I am assisting a developer at the moment with a DA proposal which will use laneway access but its an unusual situation. Councils would generally prefer main street frontage access.

PM me the address if you like and I'll check it on Google and give you a planning opinion.
Hi Savannah,

No it's not in Canberra - I've basically given up on Canberra at the moment as the market is far too hot...

I'll PM you the details.


i've got my townhouses with their driveway from the rear lane ... however, i "do" have to have pedestrian access to the road for letterboxes, garbage bins etc. this is in the form of a separate path leading from the rear blocks up the side of the front townhouses to the road.

this is nsw.