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From: Andrew S

I'm currently considering an option to subdivide a property in E Suburbs of Melbourne in order to build a unit in the rear and keep the existing 3BR house at the front. The existing house is further to the front than any others in the street, so there is plenty of room to do this.

The big problem is that as I have never done this before, I have absolutely no idea of how to go about it. What I do know is that it will require planning approval from the local council but I have no idea as yet as to how to go about the process of what is involved in applying to the council for approval. i.e. What work has to be done to get an application to the council etc? Do you generally have plans for the proposed new building when applying for the approval to subdivide?

Surely there must be some people out there in forum land who have done this before and can give me a few tips as to what to do and where to look for further information.

I guess beyond the planning approval stage, I would be looking for a good builder. Any recommendations of someone reliable in SE Melb would be appreciated.

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From: William Blake

most councils in melboune go by "the good design guide" you can get a copy of this from most councils. This details how much space is required per dwelling - all the requirements etc

unfortunately this is just a guide - each council will tell you that they judge each submission on it's merits - which means you need to have the plans drawn and submitted to get the go ahead.

my guess is that providing you adhere to the guide and there are not 100 flats/units already on the street then you'll be ok

William Blake
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From: David B

I am doing something similar in SE Melb, I would suggest start by looking around your local suburb for active builders and get their contact numbers (get at least 5), also look at the type of buildings and quality they are producing as this will give you an idea of what the council is currently accepting.

When you contact the builders explain what you are trying to do, they should tell you what they require, such as plans or at least a concept drawing to quote off, many will refer you to an Architect or a Designer-Draftsman.

Costs can vary but expect to pay around $300 for a concept plan, then depending on the council $3000 to get it to council approval, then around $1800 for detailed builders plans.

Subdivision is best done after building and all fences are up (or just before you sell) as you will have to provide separate sewers and drainage if you do it first, this costs lots of $$$. If you do it as a dual-Occp first then drains and sewers can be shared (but check with sewer/water authorities), just design for subdividing in the future and have two water meters for separate billing.

Hope this helps,

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