Subdivision cost?

I am going subdivide my property in Monash Council. I got 3 quotes from drafters between $15,000-$18000, including:

Feature Survey: $1500
Town planning permit (including everything) $4500
Structural Engineering Design: $2500
Building permit: $2500
Subdivision: $3500

Did anyone get a lower cost from an experience drafter?
You might notice most of that cost isn't drafting. You might be able to get a touch low on the surveying and the engineering design, but the rest will be fixed price fees with council, lands titles office, your water supply company etc. I paid about $12k for mine and I'm rural. The single biggest fee was the water and I didn't have to pay for sewer.
keep in mind that you might be required to pay contributions/ infrastructure charges to your local council.


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I think it would depend heavily on your location both for a drafstman and council fees. My townplanner is running with all council dealings,drawings etc etc and i should get out of it under $10,000.
Council,water,sewer charges are running at about $5,000 $6,000 and $7,000 roughly. Like i said but this is the Shoalhaven so things may vary greatly.