First off I would like to thank all the people on Somersoft for spending time answering questions, sharing their stories and general encouragement on all the different issues involved with property investing etc..

I have an investment property already, my parents sold it to me half price, although very grateful, I don't really count as they did all the work.

However I just purchased a block in Bayswater Perth with an old house on the front. Im planning to build on the back for my own PPOR, and then knock down the front one and build again to sell so I can reduce my mortgage.

Which brings me to my question of sub division, I have had a look on the WA planning website and it isn't that helpfull as to explaining the pros & cons of going green title (freehold), survey strata or built strata. Can anyone with some experience in Perth let me know what they think?


THere is a subdivision out the back of my parents place. I would warn anyone over having a house a out the back of a roadside house.
They dont sell well and in a few years time will people want this?

I think people prefer a new apartment complex than this .

What places are still for sale in outer eastern melbourne is these boom times...subdivisions.