subdivisions in regional WA.

i know there are a few people here in WA subdividing regionally.

just a little word of warning from something that came across my desk today.

client wants to subdivide a property in a south-east WA rural town, but on closer inspection, the water mains are at capacity. this means that the WaterCorp will not provide scheme water to the sites which leaves one of two options

1) provide 110,000L rainwater tanks to each subdivided site IF the WAPC wil accept that as an amended condition of approval


2) upgrade the water mains all the way from the nearest major town.

the other option is to just walk away, i guess - but some poor sucker is gonna get stuck because they didn't do their DD.

food for thought.
wow that's a new one to look out for BC! sale prices of dev potential blocks do not I believe accurately reflect the risk of subdivision
What area is this & is it worth buying out unhappy owners? What are the sums involved?

the block is about $375k and zoned R10 - about 5 lots.

the water main run in was last priced at govt contract rates of $1.5mil - and that still doesn't reach all towns.
Interesting. I wonder if we'll hit that here? The town is expanding at a startling rate. We're on the water main from Morgan that supplies Pt Pirie, Pt Augusta and Whyalla though, and Pt Augusta is expanding too ... but then they are arguing about a desal plant in those towns, which is hitting heaps of red tape and objections.

I think the sewer here has hit or is about to hit capacity though, they're in the middle of a rather expensive looking expansion to the treatment area just out of town. If its not one infrastructure problem its another :rolleyes: