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From: Jay Hunter

Hi all,

Can anyone shed some light on sending a submission to a Development Application...

If anyone has had any experience with this and can offer any tips it would be great! I want to make comments regarding the Height of the building, car spaces, and soil samples taken when they are to place footing in for the new building...

Any help is appreciated.
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From: Dan D


For anyone to be of assistance to you, you will have to let us know what State and probably shire or council, since each will have different regulations.

Dan .
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From: Mike .

Hi Jay,

Have you had a pre-application meeting yet with the council's planning/development officer? This meeting can be useful to clarify how much detail to include in the application. The most important element is the site plans. If you have covered everything in the drawings, there will be little need for lengthy descriptions. The planning officer should be able to offer guidance in this respect.

Something else the meeting ought to clarify for you is whether you need professional assistance to do the application. It would help your cause to produce a professional and polished looking application. Discuss this issue at the meeting. If necessary, use a planning consultant to prepare the application for you. If this is your first time, use it as an educational experience.

Regards, Mike
PS: An interesting site
Here is an example of a development proposal.
Development Application 20022115
98-100 NORTHBOURNE AVENUE Blocks: 5, 6 Section: 18
Proposal: KYTHERA REDEVELOPMENT - DA 20021225 - DESIGN AND SITING APPROVAL - 147 residential apartments and associated recreational facilities and commercial space on ground floor; and DA 20021225A - LEASE VARIATION - Incorporate a lease variation in DA 20021225 as follows: To vary the lease by replacing subclauses 3(a) and 3(b) of the Crown lease with the following: To use the said land for one or more of the following purposes -
(i) Business Agency;
(ii) Drink Establishment;
(iii) Financial Establishment;
(iv) Health Facility;
(v) Office;
(vi) Personal Services;
(vii) Not more than 148 residential dwellings and associated facilities which may include office, reception, general circulation, stairs, plant and equipment rooms, gymnasium and swimming pool;
(viii) Restaurant PROVIDED ALWAYS THAT the aggregate gross floor area for uses other than (vii) above does not exceed 850 squares metres and PROVIDED FURTHER THAT the total gross floor area for the building does not exceed 20000 m2 of which not less than 3500 square metres shall be used for non-basement carparking.
(NB Preliminary Assessment and the above Development Applications are being concurrently notified.) Open the attached PDF file to read PALM's Preliminary Assessment or link to:

Period for comments closes 7 June 2002
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From: Mike .

Hi Again,

Also found this at:

Development-What is a Pre-lodgement Meeting?
A pre-lodgement is a meeting that is arranged by staff from Council's Development Unit to discuss your development proposal before you lodge the Development Application (DA).

A pre-lodgement meeting can help minimise delays processing your DA as it enables Council to review the proposal and identify any issues of concern before you lodge the application, and enables you to lodge a DA that meets the statutory controls and contains all relevant information.

Depending on the type of DA this will involve meeting with a town planner and other staff who can provide specific technical input and identify issues relevant to your proposal. Before Council can schedule a pre-lodgement, you must complete a pre-lodgement request form and provide Council with 3 copies of your plans and site analysis, detailed description of the proposal, comparison with relevant planning controls and a description of the development options considered plus any other supporting documents that you think may be helpful to Council.

You can obtain a pre-lodgement information kit by phoning 9806 5512.
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