Success Stories

From: Sandi Smith

Australian Property Investor magazine has a reader survey in the current issue. One of the questions asks "What parts of API magazine (or subjects in general) do you find the most interesting?

The most common answer is our case histories ie stories about successful property investors and / or renovators.

If any readers of this forum believe they have a story to tell and would like to share it with our readers, please send a short email outlining their situation to [email protected]
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From: The Wife

Hey this is a great topic for post!


As usual, I'm going to give my 2 cents worth :eek:)

I reckon the greatest success stories I have heard about on this forum so far, have come from those with an undying spirit to achieve their goal, against the odds,

The Whams!:(work at home mums)showing the world ANOTHER hat they can wear, and wear with style!

The small :( but heart of the warrior!)developers

The newbies: who have entered a mind boggling world of investing, and have educated themselves and laid down foundations that will see them thru their retirement and beyond. How easy it could have been to turn tail and run.

The Renovators: WOW , what creativity these people have, bless 'em for rubbing shoulders with us unco investors.

The Negative gearers: ummm...we love ya's anyway :eek:)

The Freestylers: Encompassing all of the above and more, obsessively bent on turning the vision into a reality! Meet one at a networking function/games/BBQ near you, they will take you're breathe away!

And a loud thankyou to a stand alone success story, our hosts. The Somers!

~Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all~
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