Successful Launch of Brisbane's Networking Group



From: Suze P

Congratulations Brisbane!

Last night (Tuesday May 1) Brisbane successfully launched their own informal Property Investors Network Group. We were extremely impressed with attendance numbers -some people even travelled from the Gold Coast!

It was an informal affair whereby people at all stages of investing - from newbies through to the very experienced - were able to meet and share their experiences and ideas. The exchange of information was overwhelming and the friendly nature of all those attended ensured that everyone was able to learn something new, which I am sure we will be applying before the next event :)

To all those that attended, we would like to say THANK YOU for giving up your time to attend, and being so willing to share your experiences.

We would like to make this a regular networking event occurring on a monthly there will definitely be one happening in June. If anyone else is interested in attending please email me at [email protected].

Additionally, if there are certain topics which people would like to learn about, if you give us enough notice, we might just be able to organise it!

Excellent work Brisbane...
We look forward to seeing you all in June!

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From: Rasputin .

Well done for starting the ball rolling.. !!<P>
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From: Ian Findlay

Can I add my congrats to Suze too!

Unfortunately due to work commitments I lust missed the meeting but would have loved to have been there.

Hopefully it will build into a regular event.

Suze, please let me know when the June meeting is - I'll try to cancel work!

Again well done,

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From: Dr IT

ING? the new insurance company that took over Merchantile? No! it's the AING - Another Investment Network Group. Maybe YAING is better - Yet Another Investment Network Group

The question is why another? Aren't there enough groups around? What is the extra advantage and what do this group hope to achieve or rather what can it offer to novices (or wannabes) like you and I?

Dr I.T.
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From: Rasputin .

Well I for one, know of no other informal get together of fellow Investors to allow freedom of exchange of knowledge, if there are other groups I would like to know so I can attend and gain knowledge.

The value of this one is the diversity of attendees....
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