Suggestions for New Conference Name Wanted

From: Mike .

Hi Folks,

Great News! Ian Somers has given us the green light to create a new Conference devoted to cataloging some of the threads, already posted, into topics which can be easily found via hypertext links.

This Conference is primarily for the use of newbies to research the topic of their question before posting to one of the current forums. Hopefully, this will reduce a lot of repetition and newbie questions taken more seriously.

This Conference should be treated as a read-only and not posted to. Most of the info on it will be simply URL addresses which you mouse click to open the first post of the thread. Then you click "Entire Topic" to call up the entire thread.

If you find something in someone's post that you want clarified, go to your Address Book by selecting "Address Book" from the More Options menu. Then put that person's forum name into the address book. Now when you reply to the post, their name will appear in the Attn: field and notify them when you post your reply. I haven't tried it myself but, in theory, that's how it should work.

By doing this step first you may get your question answered without needing to post the question as a new message.

Finally, Ian has asked that we come up with a Conference name. For example: Newbie Research Room or Hyperlink Heaven or The Topic Zone. C'mon get those creative juices flowing.

While you're at it, think of a brief description for the Conference Profile to describe how the Conference is to be used. For example: A Temple to enlighten Newbies to the ways of the IP Zen Masters.

Also, please suggest some topic names that we can sort the threads by. For example: Real Estate Agents, Renovations, Buyers Agents, Flipping, Wrapping, Refinancing, Interest Rates etc. PI is a vast subject that needs to be broken down into topics that make sense.

Regards, Mike
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From: Apprentice Millionaire

Mike, Michael,

Excellent initiative! And to follow on Michael's superb suggestion, how about:
Apprentice Millionaires Hyperlink Topic Research Heaven Room
(sorry, I couldn't fit the Zone word anywhere) :) :)

Apprentice Millionaire
(aka Jacques)
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From: Paul Zagoridis


I'd just started compiling a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) file for this forum. Was going to present the first draft in a week. This saves me the work.

The only risk with a FAQ is that newbie questions can stimulate discussion. Often all newbie's get in response is "read the FAQ"

(obviously suggesting the forum be called FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
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From: Sergey Golovin


I like the name as well - Apprentice Millionaires, nice and simple.
Or how about - Apprentice Millionaires Golden Rules… Basic Rules?
Does not matter, hopefully some one else will throw something else in pool.

Thanks guys, thanks Mike_.

Could you tell us more about that response system you are putting down in place with e-mail addresses please? Do we really need that? The forum it self is good enough. Unless someone is desperate to talk to you privately ofcourse, but what do they want to know. It is already written down. Tell the same story again?

And one more thing please - could you have look (while you are going to overhaul whole forum site) at spelling capabilities of "Post" section. It is a bit slow and well… slow. It does not have some words in vocabulary ether. Every time you want to change word to a correct one everything has to be reloaded again. Takes forever. I usually Cut it from Post and Paste it in Word and then back again. We all have Windows and Words or Mac (and God knows what else is there) installed already. May be you can link it up with other dictionaries or vocabularies, perhaps?

Thanks again, it is good news. I’ll put my hand up for it.

Serge G.
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From: Dave :)


Since you're open to suggestions/improvements, I have a small one regarding 'mailing lists'.

It would be great if there was the ability to enter two email addresses for new messages to get forwarded to. Many of us travel quite frequently and this would be handy.

Also, on the mailing lists, it would be very handy to specify a condition that only those new messages that are replys to MY post's are received, or those posts to which I have contributed to.

I don't know if anyone else feels this would be useful?


(without the bottle of red, this time)
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From: Fred Flintstone

How bout Newbies Reference Zone
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From: Yuch .

What about RAM - References for Apprentice Millionaires?

~ The secret to success is to start from scratch and keep on scratching. ~
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