Suggestions on en-suite layout (includes pics)

Hi all!

We are first time home owners in Melbourne and are about to receive the keys! Very exciting.

We are going to spruce up the house a little before we move in; fresh paint, new carpet and ... renovate the en-suite!

Below I have given links to the current layout and four suggested layouts we have come up with given the fact we have never designed a layout for a room before.

What are your thoughts on the suggested layouts, and is there a particular layout you would suggest we move forward with?

Current Layout 1

Layout Idea #2

Layout Idea #3

Layout Idea #4

Layout Idea #5

Thank you for your help and I am sure we will enjoy this community!

Hi Matt,

Personally, I'd leave things where they are.
Moving the toilet, vanity and air vent around is going to cost you considerable money for little to no gain.

I'd make the vanity a lot longer and put the towel rail on the wall where the floor vent is.
You can change the existing shower to a new one if it needs modernising, but keep in the same general position.

Just noticed, you had this option as layout 3, perfect.
what dont you like about the current layout? It seems to be a functional layout......

I personally prefer the existing layout of all of them, but would install a larger vanity unit.

I really dislike the cut away shower. We had one of these in our ensuite, and the entrance was so small, you had to turn sideways to get in............. and I think the larger ones are a bit of "overkill".

It will also be less expensive to renovate if you dont have to move the outlets etc, and the aircon vent.

You havent got measurements on the shower etc, or the size of the room, but I assume it is large, if you can fit a 1200mm vanity in.
I think you can never have enough storage space, so would go for the largest vanity possible, without cluttering the space.
agreed. just leave it as it is. it will cost a bit to move them around and you would either have to raise the floor or make a hole through the concrete slab.
Layout 3 is the best, towel rail dries over vent. Enough room in front of the shower to stand and dry yourself. Toilet out of the way. Vanity long enough to put makeup and shaving gear on. I would suggest making the vanity a floating one which gives the illusion of space and tile all walls at least up to the height of any top windows which gives a luxurious look. Make the mirror over the vanity the full width of that wall, you will be surprised how much bigger this makes the room look. Even another mirror, like a framed feature mirror over the towel rail will look fabulous.
Thank you for all your feedback. We've taken into consideration all comments and agree that we keep the current layout.

We'll update the current shower (frame less glass), tile all walls, put in a large floating vanity unit and the large mirror ... well ... this brings me to our next decision ...

What do you think about placing a shaving cabinet above the vanity unit? If we place a 3 door 1200mm wide unit on the wall above the vanity, do you think this will be ok?
Hi ,

Only just logged on so missed the first part of this discussion as it was happening. However, I'm glad you're sticking with the current layout as - although not ideal - it is still the best option. Option 4 could also work although you see the side of the vanity so it kinda defeats the purpose of putting it there.

From a design perspective, it is always best to have the vanity be the first thing you see on entering a bathroom. Imagine walking directly into the toilet when you enter the bathroom? As a general rule, make the first thing you see, the best - if you can.

A nice effect is to tile the walls and floors in the same colour (light and bright) - gloss on the walls and matte on the floors. This gives a gorgeous cocoon effect and the illusion of a more spacious room. If you use elongated tiles (either vertically or horizontally) this will give the illusion of a taller (if fitted vertically) or larger (if fitted horizontally) space.

Your frameless glass shower screen and door will also contribute to a more spacious effect since there are no solid frames to create sharp definition any closer than the walls - does that make sense?

Regarding your shaving cabinet idea - this may work if you can recess it in to the wall - so that the mirror is flush with the wall tiles not protruding out. If it sticks out from the wall, it just gives the illusion that the bathroom is smaller than it is. If you can't recess the cabinet, just fix a nice big mirror (exact width of vanity) - and make sure you have enough drawer and shelf space within your vanity.

Hope that's helpful. Good luck!