Sunshine Coast - 12 March

The next Sunshine Coast Meetup will be

When: Friday 12th March 2010

Time: 9 am

Where: Bisq Cafe - Cotton Tree Cnr King St and Cotton Tree Pde has Tables, chairs and umbrellas out the front. (Opposite pool and caravan park).

Look for an API Magazine on the table!

Let me know if you are coming along.

I'd like to come up to one of ur meetins.......Sunny Coast has always been a leading bear indicator for Brissie.....would be nice to see what's happening there now.

Can't make next week, but will keep an eye out after that.
Joan I simply cannot believe that you would choose a week of decadence over meeting with us for a couple of hours. :p

Sounds wonderful and no doubt you will have a great time. Hopefully we will see you and Andy at a future event.

By the way have you had a chance to check out and see the PI meeting north of Brisbane? There could be loads of other investors just waiting to meet and be inspired by you! ;)

LOL! I know, how could I consider a week in Sydney over you guys! hehe.
It will be very difficult. ;)
I'll check out that meetup thingy.

Hi guys,
A few of us forum regulars tried to get regular Sunny Coast get-togethers happening in the early 2000's without much success. I would be keen to join you now and again for coffee and chat. Can't make it to this one due to work commitments, but do you normally have them on week days ?
Do a search on older SC meets and you will probably see some of the early sunny coast posters names on there.


I checked out those old posts a few years ago. Did the meet up on (I think)Mike's boat happen? Cool place for a meet up. Unfortunately our boat isn't big enough for a party, only room for 2 seats and an esky, but keeps Hubby and kids happy!

Would love for you to come along for a cuppa and chat. It would be lovely to meet you.

We usually meet up during School Hours, seemed to suit most people. Is there a particular time that would suit you better, we may be able to call an "extraordinary meeting".