Super Funds and Investment Properties



From: Rick Heaton

This is my first post so I hope my questions make sense.

I own a building company and am about to start a new duplex residential development.

My Super Fund, of which my wife and I are the Trustees would like to invest in the development on an equity share basis.

In round figures, the Super Fund would invest 33% of the capital required with myself and my wife funding the remainder.

At the completion of the project I would envisage distribution of retained profits on a 33%, 67% basis to the Fund and to my wife and I respectively.

Has anyone undertaken anything like this and are there any thoughts on the ATO complications, considerations etc.

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From: Dale Gatherum-Goss

Hi Rick

You would be wise to seek advice from your accountant. My understanding is that you cannot do what you're looking to do.

Please be careful

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From: Michele B

Rick, I've recently looked at doing this too. In theory it's possible but there are several dangerous traps. Therefore, as Dale says, you MUST get specialised accounting and legal advice specific to your situation.
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