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From: Geoff Whitfield

I've just about completed my first "semi reno" in the ACT. Paint, some tiles, garden tidy, electrical fittings and lights, some cleaning. Kitchen and bathroom did not need much work.

We followed Michael Croft's reno tips as much as we could. The feature wall looked a treat.

It was advertised today, and we finished cleaning up after the painter just as the first people arrived.<p> We had 10 groups in 20 minutes. The first response was, "We'll take it". Another, "The best place we've seen yet".

It was a really great feeling, after a lot of work, to hear that. And to know we won't have a problem renting it out.

(The man with the new external blinds over the conservatory came 30 minutes before the first applicants- and finished just as the first applicants arrived- brilliant timing, as it was getting very hot in there, and a potential turnoff).

Property managers will select which applicants. What a problem- "Which tenant shall we take?".

Thanks Michael for your help!

And on a related note.

The vendor of this property used Michael for a pre-purchase on her property she was buying. She was delighted with his work. He found that a brick wall at the end of the carport had been damaged, and was potentially dangerous. It was fixed by insurance- saving her money, and making the place much safer.

Well done Michael, yet again!
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Sweet music Feature walls

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From: Gee Cee Clay

Hi Geoff

Well Done!

Those feature walls are all the hit at the moment.

Without going overboard I have also found that a couple of bright feature walls in that wishy washy pattern ( Dulux suade etc) turns the potential tennants on every time.
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Sweet music Feature walls

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From: Geoff Whitfield

Gee Cee,

It was Dulux Suede Effects- copper to go with the terra cotta colour tiles. It looks a treat!

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