Swimming pool

One of my friends recently bought his first IP. The house has a swimming pool and is currently tenanted. He plans to convert it into a student accommodation post the lease expiry in Dec 09.

The assumption is that the students will not care about the swimming pool. What can they with the swimming pool?

Put some holes in the bottom, fill it in & pave or grass over the top if it is concrete.

Sell it and have it removed by crane or whatever if it is fibreglass. There is a second-hand market for unwanted fibreglass pools.
Further to Propertunity's suggestion, I am unaware of the cost of what I am proposing as an option, however could it be converted into an underground rain water water tank? Then there would be the option to "rehab" it back to a useable pool in the future if needs/desires change.
I second propertunity's suggestion.

Definitely too higher maintenance for landlord and students to keep the pool.
I saw on "Backyard Blitz" or one of those types of shows a few years ago a house where the owner developed MS.

Is it just me, or did those shows annoy the cr@p out you too? The crew were always so painfully above-normal cheery. Take a bloody mogadon or something and act normal, and shut up.

The girls looked hot in their outfits though.

I went out and bought my wife a gardening outfit just like theirs. Not really; just kidding.

I digress...

There was a pool taking up almost the whole yard, and the owner ended up in a wheelchair.

The crew built a whole deck over the top of the pool, attached to the house with wheelchair ramps and then did a garden landscape as well. It was brilliant.

The beauty of it was; he could convert it back to a pool at any time if required, but with the deck on top you would never know there was a pool under it.

If you were going to keep the pool for the students to use, you would need to have it professionally maintained by a pool company, I'd say.

I can't imagine many self-absorbed students even knowing how to maintain a pool, let alone actually doing it on a consistent basis.
The assumption is that the students will not care about the swimming pool. What can they with the swimming pool?

is the question, what can they do with the swimming pool????

Answer: Plenty of stuff, none of which the landlord is going to like!

oh yeah, and they might also swim in it. if they run out of things to do with it
students? swimming pool?
what a cool frat house. they will be lining up out the door,
find out what a pool pro would charge to maintain it and add it to the rents!