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Hi everyone,

I am currently dissatisfied with my PM.
They were late in paying bills and then charged the fines to me. Afterwards they have not been replying my emails asking about this matter.
My contract with PM expires Sept last year.
If I want to change PM, is there any other thing that I should be aware of other than the contract end date?
What is the process of changing PM with tenant still in place?

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As I understand it if you are just changing PM's (not changing to self-management) all you have to do is find a new PM and they will take care of the rest. That's all we have ever done.
Can I ask a similar question. My tenants have been in for 15 months (about) and on a month to month now. If I want to self manage how would I go about this.
I can ring the tenant and ask them to direct deposit to me but from a PM perspective. Do I just give them notice?
Will the current lease (expired) still be inforce or should I get them to sign a new lease? What happens to the bond? Does it just stay inplace until they move out? or do I need to redo all that?